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  • EVENT Global Reset + Prison, Skyblock and Creative Events!

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sophie_OGrady, Dec 19, 2017.

    • by Sophie_OGrady, Dec 19, 2017 at 9:08 AM
    • Sophie_OGrady

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      Apr 15, 2017
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      Hey everyone,

      If you've been on the server today you would have seen that we have just done a global reset! We have a stunning new hub and we have completely reset Factions, Prison, Skyblock and Creative, as well as revamped our store prices to make everything more affordable.

      As of today, everything on the Factions, Prison, Skyblock and Creative servers has been reset and everyone is starting out fresh! These servers will now be getting updates regularly, including the addition of an event system which is coming out later this week. However, you are still able to access the old Skyblock and Creative to view your old islands and builds if you so wish, as well as play our discontinued gamemode: SoupPvP. You can access these from the "Discounted Servers" menu from the server selector compass in the hub, however, keep in mind that these servers will not be getting updates. On top of this, we have completely revamped our store prices and reduced them by a significant amount, making sure our store is affordable to everyone! You can take a look at this update by doing /buy in-game, or by going to our store: https://store.reevemc.com/

      Now, onto the events!

      Creative Event
      Christmas Build Competition!
      Details: With Christmas quickly approaching we want you guys to show off your creativity and festive spirit by creating a build around the theme of Christmas! This can include anything related to Christmas from Santa and his sleigh, a festive village, a snowman, a Christmas tree, candy canes and so much more - be creative with it!

      Submissions: Submissions are open from now until the 28th of December, giving you 10 days to build your creation. To submit a build reply to this thread with your IGN and your plot ID (found in /p i).

      First place:
      50 crystals (equal to $50 USD in the store)
      Second place: 25 crystals (equal to $25 USD in the store)
      Third place: 10 crystals (equal to $10 USD in the store)

      2nd: CaptAnon
      3rd: Scorpion2O5

      Prison Event
      Race to Prestige 10 (donators) & Prestige 5 (non-donators)!

      Details: As Prison has just been reset and everyone having a new start we are going to have two events! You will be racing against other players in order see who can get to prestige 10 first (if you're a donater) of prestige 5 first (if you're not a donator). Keep in mind that the prizes are given to both the first 3 donators and first 3 non-donators who achieve their respective prestige level.
      Please note: if you are a donator and paying money to non donators for this event you both will be disqualified - please keep it a fair race.

      First place:
      50 crystals (equal to $50 USD in the store)
      Second place: 25 crystals (equal to $25 USD in the store)
      Third place: 10 crystals (equal to $10 USD in the store)​

      Winners (donators):
      2nd: SkeptaVEVO
      3rd: bdamja

      Winners (non- donators):
      2nd: CookenCow
      3rd: Pending

      Skyblock Event
      Race to island level 5000!
      Details: With Skyblock being reset and a new start we are going to have a race to see who can get to an island level of 5000 the fastest!

      First place:
      50 crystals (equal to $50 USD in the store)
      Second place: 25 crystals (equal to $25 USD in the store)
      Third place: 10 crystals (equal to $10 USD in the store)

      2nd: sgerritsen12
      3rd: ninjamellon

      If you're a Factions player don't worry, we will have a PvP event for you guys soon!

      The events are all run by me, so any questions or concerns can be directed to my PM's on here, or on Discord at Sophie_OGrady#7904.

      Best of luck to everyone!
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    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sophie_OGrady, Dec 19, 2017.

    1. Exiledcraft
      Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see the race and builds :)
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    2. SquidFreak
      Yea, Sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun :D
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    3. T0x1qRxinb0wz
      IGN: GasLeakage

      PLOT ID: -3;5
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    4. Welcome_To_PVP
      IGN InfinityPlays

      PLOT ID -2;-3
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    5. Sheboshenigami
      if we get 1st 2ndor 3rd on the skyblock does the entire island get the 50,25,10 or how does that work?
    6. Sophie_OGrady
      That's a good question! We will be giving the crystals to the island owner (1st = 50, 2nd = 25, 3rd = 10) and it will be up to the island owner to decide whether they are sharing that with the members or keeping it to themselves. You should probably discuss it with your island members/leader if you're planning on competing in a group to minimize confusion if you do place. :)
    7. Zerup
      Good luck to everyone! I'd love to compete for those prison prizes, but I'll be away Friday and most of Saturday, so I'll be far behind. I might try my hand on the creative build challenge though, seems very festive and fun :)
    8. Shidragon12
      Glad to see all sorts of competitions going on, I wonder who the winners will be for these fun challenges :) Best of luck to everyone participating!
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    9. CloutBooster
      IGN : CloutBooster
      Plot ID : 5;0

      And have a happy holiday , goodluck to the others
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    10. Pixele
      Cool events, I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. ;)
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    11. SquidFreak
      yea, cant wait to see who wins the skyblock event :D (Im so funny)
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    12. Lockster767
      YAY! Finally another creative contest. Time to bust out all the tricks and bag another win! Good luck everyone :)
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    13. Sarahloves1
      Congrats to all participants and I hoped it was a fun event! I know I had lots of fun trying in skyblock!
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    14. Bawags17
      IGN : Bawags17
      Plot ID : -1:1

      Good luck to all, no matter the results
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    15. CloutBooster
      You sure went crazy XD gg! You have a great build
    16. SquidFreak
      yea, how are any of us ever gonna compete with you? xD
    17. FirePirate98
      IGN: FlareYT98 I'm competing in the creative event come to my plot to see what I've built
    18. Lockster767
      IGN: Lockster767

      Plot ID: -3:3

      Good luck everyone. Merry christmas to all and a happy new year :D
    19. Scorpion2O5
      IGN: Scorpion2O5

      Plot ID: -7;-4

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