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  • OFFICIAL Summer 2017!

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HatredPvP, May 23, 2017.

    • by HatredPvP, May 23, 2017 at 1:06 PM
    • HatredPvP

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      Jul 29, 2015
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      Hello, everyone! Summer is right around the corner and with the release of SoupPVP and now the new gamemode Zombies, we are looking to see what YOU the player’s want to see. All you need to do is reply to this thread with what you want to see!

      Things such as:
      • Events
      • Gamemodes
      • Giveaways
      • And anything else!
      As always, thanks for being an awesome community! We look forward to hearing your suggestions and making this a great summer!

      The Reeve Staff Team

      P.S: Please be descriptive and explain your suggestion as it helps a lot!
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    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by HatredPvP, May 23, 2017.

    1. TheFlashGamer_
      i want a survival server with no dia tools and kits
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    2. TheFlashGamer_
      i mean no dia kits
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    3. Nuyr
      'Weekly Red Rover Event' for SoupPvP. Winner gets a max of 10 crystals, possibly.
      As we already have events on Fridays and Saturdays, could fit on any other day of the week. Only con to this, is less players on, during those days.
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    4. Zasmai
      More weekly events like one shot one kill and the last man standing gets like 15-25 crystals
      And why not do a giveaway for a legend warlock and sponsor giveaway :D
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    5. iAmAbsorbed
      Revive Towny and allow people to wear pets on their heads on Skyblock.
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    6. Dragon_Miner_1
      What happend with GTA? i really liked it
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    7. Spectable
      This indeed would be nice to be ''reborn''
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    8. TheMagicalGamer0
      Hmm how about a Sponsor giveaway? ;)
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    9. mastagamer101
      Potential Additions:

      1) The Walls
      - after a 10 or 15 min time period walls fall down and allows teams to PvP against one another
      - the map is split into 4 sectors with walls
      - teams can use their grace period gathering materials and prepping for pvp
      - after the grace period expires, teams can continue to prep themselves at the risk of being killed by other teams
      - teams of 2 or 4 with a maximum of 4 teams

      2) Prophunt
      - one user will be on the hunters side
      - the rest will be props and trying to hide from the hunter
      -after a grace period, the hunter goes out to try and kill hidden props
      - players can either choose specified props (if they are a donator) from a popup menu or choose to have a random prop (which is default)
      - after being killed, props turn into hunters
      - if there is one or more props left standing after a certain period, the props win

      3) Revival of survival/towny
      - no kits
      - possible benefits and perks for donators and sponsors like multiple homes or something like that
      - basic survival on normal mode

      4) Prison Break:
      - there is a specified warden and other prison employees
      - prisoners will play the daily life of prisoner which includes outdoors time,mining coal, etc.. under close watch of a guard
      - in the prison, there are designed escape routes throughout the prison
      - each route has specified prerequisites which requires teamwork in order to accomplish them
      - the objective of the prisoners: escape
      - objective of guards and wardens: contain the prisoners
      - in order to "fully" escape: prisoners must reach a certain checkpoint outside of the prison w/o getting killed
      - But what if a guard or warden kills a prisoner? Prisoners respawn back into their original prison cells
      - Requirement for the prisoners to win: 5 or more prisoners out of 8 need to reach the checkpoint by the end of the 20 minute round
      - Wardens and guards win if they manage to contain 5 or more prisoners inside the prison by the end of 20 mins.

      5) More Sponsor Stuff:
      (even tho I am not a sponsor) Like more specialized summer sponsor stuff in factions or skyblock

      6) Bring back GTA
      Pretty self explanatory
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    10. Dudeski_
      Bring back GTA please, also every now and then a Skywars game? I know that SkyWars is a little overrated but I still think it would be fun.
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    11. iZeex
      A reward for watching ads :p

      -Special factions summer kit? (smth like sponsor sword)
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    12. Witske
      I agree
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    13. SilentlySly
      I don't care what you do, as long as you work on the anticheat.
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    14. iZeex
      Actually I agree a lot with this one. Hackers will always be there and I don't mind if people choose to hack but tphacking/ glitching/ killaura/ flying all that sh* is rly annoying

      We got raided in the end by a fly hacker and then tpglitched in rly sucks to lose all that hard work to a haqer. (right after I bought 50 pandoras too LOL) gg
    15. iAmAbsorbed
      Reset Skyblock
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    16. Lockster767
      Please, I beg, give creative players another BBM theme. I has been almost 5 whole months and creative is dead because no one has any motivation to build!
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    17. LethalRevolution
      Skyblock reset!
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    18. TheNoobWalid
      It would be better if The Walls will be a lucky block game
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    19. Thatawesomedude
      G KITS #SKYBLOCK: G kit ( God Kits ) Are already added to our game /gkit, But there is no way to achieve such kits so i think a way should be added to get thesemake the game much more easier
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