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  • OFFICIAL The Reeve Needs YOU! - Live Support Recruitment

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by iFlyPancakes, Jun 10, 2017.

    • by iFlyPancakes, Jun 10, 2017 at 9:12 PM
    • iFlyPancakes

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      Feb 16, 2015
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      It's just like how the title states - The Reeve needs you to join our Live Support Team! With Summer coming up, we are opening recruitment to solely join our Live Support Team to the players.

      Q: What is a Live Support Team?
      A: If you have ever purchased something from our Store or simply logged on to the Forums and saw the red chat pop up in your bottom right corner, then you know what the Live Support Team is! However, to those who don't, the Live Support Team is a dedicated team who are online constantly in order to deliver swift assistance and answer questions to players who request help by typing into the provided chat!

      Q: How does one join the Live Support Team?
      A: That is what this thread is about! Up until now, we have not disclosed entrance into this Team to players but we are opening it up to dedicated, loyal and long-term players of our Network who have a lot of experience with our gamemodes and answering common concerns or even thought themselves to be a very experienced player of our Network but never quite fit the Trial-Moderator position! This position has some requirements that may be difficult to fulfill but all more the reason to join, if you meet them!

      Q: So, what are the "requirements" for the Live Support Team?
      A: The requirements for our Live Support Team, or for anyone who is interested in trying to apply are as follows:
      ◙ One Year minimum requirement of playing on our Network.
      ◙ Generally clean, vacant history.
      ◙ Age Requirement of at least 15 or older. (Exceptions may be made if deemed mature enough for this particular Team!)
      ◙ Can follow basic requirements given upon being accepted. (hours required, etc.)

      Q: You've explained it all! You've got me, I'm interested. Where can I sign up?
      A: Recruitment for our Live Support Team can be obtained by applying through here. Remember, this is raw and is only just now getting implemented for our players to give them a chance to join our Support Team! If you have ever wanted to give back to the Network that has fostered you with weekly events and exciting gamemodes, this is your golden opportunity.


      We wish you the best of luck when applying and hope to see a lot of applicants attempting to join our Live Support Team very soon! Thanks you for reading it all and hope to see new faces joining very soon!

      - Pancake and the Reeve Staff Team​
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    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by iFlyPancakes, Jun 10, 2017.

    1. Atomi
      Best of luck to everybody that will be applying for the Live Support Team! Hope to see some new faces, good luck!
    2. SkynetOP
      Good luck to anyone applying! Hope you do good.
    3. Zasmai
      Good luck to all who are applying :D
    4. shidragon12
      Good Luck to all who apply for this position, certainly a worthwhile position!
    5. TheBuilder2_0
      Good Luck to everyone that applies and I hope the site gets only the best of people to help out!
    6. Nuyr
      Good luck everybody who applies! Hope to see a solid livechat team to help our Network! :)

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