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  • OFFICIAL GUIDE Trial Moderator Applications - Tips to Boost your Chances!

    Discussion in 'The Reeve Guides' started by iFlyPancakes, Dec 18, 2017.

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    1. iFlyPancakes

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      Feb 16, 2015
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      Hello Reevers,

      This thread has been made as a result of noticing a pattern of denials all under similar reasons. In this thread, I will be giving you helpful tips and advice on how to improve your chances of being accepted into the ReeveMC Staff Team!

      1. By no means should you ever plagiarize or attempt to pass off someone else's application as your own - this will result in an automatic denial and no reconsideration of future applications under your name.

      2. Respect the decision and time given to you to apply again on the post placed on your application. Disrespecting this definitely lowers your chances for future applications as it shows inability to follow instructions.

      3. Grammatical errors do stand out and can be seen as outliers in your application which paints a picture for us when evaluating your application. Always proofreading and making sure your application is grammatically correct helps you in the long run.

      4. Make sure to have at least a minimum of five posts on our Forums and be a relatively active member of our Public Discord (/discord in-game) prior to applying as this shows you are willing to interact with the community. Also, if you already do have a Forums Account, try to aim towards being active prior to applying as it shows us commitment towards our Community by interacting within it.

      5. Please take your time when creating your application - it is not a race to see who gets it in faster. Rushed applications or applications that have minimal effort put into it decrease in chances of acceptance drastically. The process of creating an application to be a part of something bigger than yourself - a team - requires a lot of focus, determination and effort put into it.

      6. Breaking a rule recently or committing an infraction can lead to your application's chances lowering so if deciding on applying, make sure to let the punishment becoming inactive first! (one week from when the punishment was given.)

      7. If you are a new player to our Network, please wait a minimum of one month before applying for this position. After all, this position is a position that will place you in the center of interactions with the community and allow you to involve yourself in a more personal level with players around you while making sure our rules/policies are enforced. This role cannot be achieved with only playing our Network for less than a month.

      8. If you are aware that you may be leaving for a while due to a vacation, personal notice, e.g - please make sure to try to let us know via a post on your application in order to avoid receiving a denial for possible inactivity.

      9. Asking Staff Members to check your application - as said on the format guide - is an instant deny. This is seen as an act of impatience and while we do love all of our players, this particular action shows the inability to follow instructions.

      By following these nine simple tips when applying for this position and applying your own experiences into answering each and every question, your chances will improve.

      This thread will be updated if any changes to our official requirements or personal requirements are made.

      Best of luck on your application to all of you!

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    2. Zerup


      Dec 14, 2017
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      Love these tips, hopefully many are able to view this. And good luck to all those involved in the application process!
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